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GPS-based easyTrack tracking, vehicle tracking and fleet management system

Driving style, black conveyance, fuel misuse can enhance your fuel expenses considerably. By installing the easyTRACK special fuel sensor you can monitor the exact refueling data, the actual fuel consumption of your vehicle and the sudden change in fuel quantity. 

When conveying refrigerated-chilled or other foods you can remote- monitor the temperature of the loading space by special temperature sensors. In case of refrigerating system failure you can intervene immediately in order to avoid huge damage.

Fuel consumption of machines can vary in different working stages considerably. Special functions have been developed to enable the monitoring of working stages related to each particular type of work that the machine is performing. Not only the actual, effective working stages, but the fuel consumption related either to working or idle phase can be separated and monitored as well. Using the fuel system monitoring function it can be proved whether the machine performed appropriate fuel consumption at a particular working stage. It can also be checked whether the machine left the working area. The downloadable record of uptime (the effective operation time of the machine) can minimize administration time and costs.  

The fleet management service provides help to companies and institutes with rationalization of operation costs of their vehicles. Monitoring their company cars they can achieve garanteed lower upkeep expenses by separating private trips from business ones.

As a good complement to the performance of traditional car alarm systems, the easyTRACK informs the user about further, highly important alarm events. By sending a message about a vehicle being moved without ignition there is a real chance of preventing attempts to steal it by towing. Similarly, attempts of robbing are likely to be hindered by sending a panic message.

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easyTRACK application for Android device

mobile phone application

We inform you that we have expanded our Android applications, developed for easyTRACK tracking system with new functions! The application can be downloaded from Google Play and can be used on  suitable devices.

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Tracking of vehicles

The use of GPS-based vehicle monitoring systems helps and facilitates the users' tasks and greatly contributes to operate the fleet of vehicles cost-effectively. Using our tracking system our clients can continually monitor on the Internet the movements of their vehicles , live or playback as well. With the vehicle monitoring application that is installable on Android smart phones you can monitor your vehicles even by your mobile phone simply and anytime. By using remote monitoring services you can feel secure about yor vehicle and do not need to fear the danger continually of its being stolen.

Fleet management

Our fleet management system always provides up-to-date information about the location of vehicles, downloadable reports (route reports, uptime reports, refueling reports) that meet the requirements of users  and with help of diagrams it enables insight into measured speed, fuel and temperature values even for one year retroactively.

GPS tracking

Nowadays there is an increasing demand for GPS-based vehicle remote monitoring and tracking.
The functioning of our tracking system is based on GPS locating and GPRS data communication.
The monitor unit built into the vehicle and aided by satellites determines the exact position and speed of the vehicle, then it forwards the recorded data to a server system by mobile phone communication through GPRS network. The user can view the data related to his vehicle or fleet on the Internet, on digital map, on graphic display.