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easyTRACK application for Android device

easyTRACK application for Android device , easyTRACK

We inform you that we have expanded our Android applications, developed for easyTRACK tracking system with new functions! The application can be downloaded from Google Play and can be used on  suitable devices.

The easyTRACK Android application has been expanded with the following innovations:

1. Display of GSMsignal in percents
2. Fuel level display (in case a fuel level probe is installed and the tariff package includes this service)
3.Temperature display (display of data from max. 2 sensors, if temperature sensors are installed)
4. Display of the incoming time of the latest tracking data (  hh:mm:ss)
5. The date/time of the latest incoming tracking data changes into red when it came in more than three minutes earlier. The application shows in this way that the displayed position and data are not fresh.
6. The state indicator turns grey when there is no incoming data from the vehicle (in case of device cut off)
7. When moving the map it does not turn back to the position of the vehicle, so other areas of the map can be viewed. If the map does not stand at the position of the vehicle, a button designated with red target cross appears. By touching it the map turns back to the position of the vehicle and hides the button with target cross. 
8. Enlargement/reduction of map with two-finger method
9. Selection of the accessibility address of the service provider website from the roll-down menu. Here you have to select the address that you also use in the web browser when accessing the provider's service (e.g.
10. Arranging the vehicle list in alphabetical order according to vehicle name, for better lucidity.

Important recommendation before installing!

The simultaneous use of the former and new application can cause faults. If you installed the easy TRACK tracking application on your phone before, you must delete it before you install the new one! Deletion can be done in the following menu item of your phone: 'Settings > Application manager'. Here find the easyTRACK application, touch it, then touch the 'Delete' button. 

Installation modes:

You can install the application by clicking here and after logging into your Google account choose the mobile phone on which you want to install the application. You can install the application from your phone as well by starting the Google Play, according to the steps below:
1. Start the Google Play application.
2. Select the 'Applications' category and enter 'easyTRACK' into the search field (uppermost green text field with magnifier).
3. Select from the list the easyTRACK application, developed by T.E.L.L. Software Hungária Kft (application with world map and target cross icon).
4. Select the INSTALLATION button.
5. For application approval acceptance select the ACCEPT button.
6. Start the application with OPEN button or with the easyTRACK application icon on the main screen of your phone.