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New functions in the easyTRACK system

New functions in the easyTRACK system , easyTRACK

We inform you that thanks to continual development the easyTRACK system has been amplified with the following functions!

Processing CAN data:

To the easyTRACK system now a new supplement, the CAN adaptor is available, with the help of which the easy TRACK module can read out data from the own system of the vehicle.

The following data can be read out: speed, mileage, fuel level, summarized fuel consumption, engine revolution per minute (rpm), position of the accelerator (accelerator angle).

The data obtained from the CAN system of the vehicle are displayed in reports.

For utilizing this service a CAN adapter must be installed in the vehicle. When using a CAN adapter, the system automatically displays the CAN data instead of the data provided by the GPS. In case of using the CAN adapter and the fuel probe simultaneously, the system displays the data obtained from the fuel probe in the reports. (The capacitive fuel probe is capable of delivering more exact fuel consumption data.) 

The CAN adapter is compatible with modems purchased after June 2012. (Earlier versions must be replaced by the new one.)

For the operation of the CAN adapter the software of the easyTRACK modems must be updated.

Our staff can update the modems remotely. For this, an appointment is needed to be made in advance.

Before ordering, the technical team will check whether the tracking device installed in your vehicle is suitable for operation with CAN adapter.

In case of ordering before 30 June 2014, our CAN adapter can be purchased at an introductory price of HUF 15.900 + VAT.

Installation price of the device is HUF 5.000 + VAT/apiece/per vehicle (+ travel allowance)

CAN data appear in following statements: 

Route report
Detailed route report
Uptime report
Journey summary for fleet 

Further innovations on the provider interface:

Display of mileage on the status indicator
Engine rpm (revolution per minute) diagram

More detailed data of using vehicles for business and private trips:

We have made it possible to display the statistics of using vehicles for business and private purposes in one report. The changes involve the following reports:
Route report
Detailed route report
Uptime report
Journey summary for fleet
Journey report for vehicle

On the interface for report interrogation the options related to business and private use of vehicles come into one group, where the separation between business and private use can be done with the help of a new option:
Separation between business and private trips

In theroute report and detailed route report, in case of selecting the 'All' option, a new column named Type appears, which contains the type of use of the vehicle (business or private) for the given track. In this way both types of use are shown in one report.

When choosing the 'All' option, the business and private use related data also appear separated in the summarized statistics at the end of the report. In case of choosing any other option (only business trip or only private trip), the summarized statistics is displayed in its usual form.

If you have any question and/or want to place an order, please contact your individual contact person or our customer service.