please try it out.

The easyTRACK system has been renewed

The easyTRACK system has been renewed , easyTRACK

We are glad to inform you that the renewed easyTRACK service is now available also to you, so you can try it out.

With introducing new technologies the user interface has become more modern and faster. The accessible reports and functions have been amplified, with paying special attention to giving information on e-toll devices.

In order to achieve quick and trouble-free transition, we endeavoured to create an interface that is very similar to the previous customary one. 

The transition date to the new system is 6 January 2014. From this day only the new service provider website is accessible.

Until the transition date we afford the possibility to learn the new interface by running the present and new system simultaneously.

To acces the new operator interface, click on the icon on the service provider website that recommends you to try it out.

Use your usual user name and password to access.

Please contact your individual contact person if you have any question.

We want to recommend the following innovations to you:

More confortable user interface that is easy to manage
Quick operation even for big fleets and more thousand POIs
Google Street View display: the street view corresponding to the position and moving direction of the selected vehicle can be viewed continuously
Possibility of memorizing the access data (user name, password) with the used browser
Display of traffic circumstances: live coverage of traffic jams or slow traffic on the map
Display of alarm events with icon on the track (alarm, panic, vehicle movement without ignition)
Display of low battery voltage on the diagram. Easier navigation (size reduction or enlargement) with mouse wheel.

Survey of condition of vehicles that are subject to toll payment:

Display of current JDB category (number of axles) 
Status of GPS and GSM network connection
Display of balance statement (O.K., low, empty)
Filtering troublesome vehicles out

Retrievable report of more vehicles simultaneously (for this it is possible to select more vehicles from the list)
Simplified retrieval interface with amplified setting possibilities
Our existing reports can be interrogated beside the former lying position also in vertical one and in more formats (PDF, XLS, XLSX) as well.
Display of the perimeter and area details of the entered POIs
Poligon POIs: possibility of entering POIs consisting of up to 64 points and of any shape
Processing the drivers data directly on the interface for our clients who have driver identification device

New reports

Detailed route report
Fuel cap opening report
Journey summary for fleet
Working hours
Journey report for vehicle
Fleet position statement

The new interface supports the following browsers:

Google Chrome 26 or newer version (Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X, Linux)
Mozilla Firefox 17 or newer version (Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X, Linux)
Microsoft Internet Explorere 9 or newer version (Windows 7/8 only)
Opera 15 or newer version (Windows XP SP2 or newer, Linux, Mac OS X; Opera 12.x is not supported)
Safari 6 or newer version (Mac OS X)