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Our Company mainly focuses its activitiy on data transfer in the field of safety engineering.  Our products perform different tasks using solutions offered by GSM/GPRS communication technics. Taking advantage of the mobile internet technology that provides field intensity coverage all over the country, we develop and make our products to enable our partners to perform their widespread activities in the servicing areas, such as remote monitoring of fire alarm systems, alarm centres, motor vehicles and industrial equipment. We offer all elements needed for providing remote monitoring service from end point devices to receiving software. Special attention is paid to meet the changing requirements of our customers. This is taken into consideration when developing our products.

We offer our partners well adjustable systems to cope with the wide span of requirements, from one site monitoring up to complex remote monitoring services covering even a quite large area of the country.

Our products and services are marketed both through retailer-dealer and provider network. Installation and start-up is done by installation teams throughout the country. 

We support our partners dealing with remote monitoring in the market competition with customer-tailored offers which include besides conventional structures of instrument purchase the possibilities of long  term hiring and payment in instalments.  For new remote monitoring systems we offer return guaranteed co-operation conditions from the very first hour of service, within the scope of which we accomplish the whole monitoring system by assuming investment costs in the frame of cost refunding system in proportion of customer number, ensuring the possibility of free transition to conventional purchasing schemes. 

Our communication partner is the Telenor Magyarország Zrt who contribute to the enhancement of the competitiveness of  TELL products in the market by significant price support.

Besides domestic sale we are present in the market of 20 countries. In five of them we provide GPS-based fleet tracking service, too. Our map providing partners are Google and Topmap.

Our Company develop and produce our products satisfying the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality control standard. Besides usual certificates our products are also certified by the Hungarian Disaster Protection Inspectorate (OKF) for fire protection conformity.

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