please try it out.

When the vehicle is not used, will the device not discharge the car battery?

In the module the time parameter can be set, after which - counting from the switching off the engine ignition - the device switches over into battery saving regime, consuming significantly less energy.


Is the easyTRACK device harmful to health?

It has the same effect on health as any other mobile phone.


Can I monitor my vehicles on smartphone?

Yes. You can download the easyTRACK mobile application on Android and iOS phones through Google Play and AppStore.


What resolution is the best for proper operation of the webpage?

Screen resolution settings are: 1360x768 pixels, 1280x768 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1024x768 pixels


What solution do you recommend for temperature measurement?

We recommend the use of easyTEMP temperature sensor, which measures the temperature of the loading space and driver's cabin continually, with accuracy of +/- 1Cº. The measurement and operational range of the device is between -30Cº and +70 Cº.


The interrogated route report does not appear. Why?

Check in the settings of the browser whether the pop-up window function is disabled. If yes, enable it and interrogate the route report again.


Is it viewable at what place and how long the door of the loading space was open?

Yes, it is displayed in the route report, when and where the door of the loading space was open and shut.


How can customer data be modified?

It can be done by entering the web interface, clicking on the data modification button, and by filling out the data to be modified. Then sending the modification by the sending button.


For what interval can the route report be interrogated at a time?

For an interval of maximum 31 days, which can even be done for  fractions of months.


The icon of the vehicle is covered with yellow circle. Why?

The device is working in ’Battery saving regime’.


The icon of the vehicle appears dim. Why?

The tracking device gets disconnected from the server. Maybe the device cannot connect to the GPRS network, e.g. because of  insufficient GSM signal. 


What does capacitive probe mean?

The probe is a duct capacitor which changes its capacity linearly depending on the level of the liquid (diesel fuel) in it.