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E-toll calculation

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* The user interface is only suitable for toll calculation in relation to the distance related electronic toll collection system that has been used in Hungary since 1 July 2013. The calculated amount of toll applies only to the territory of Hungary and vehicles exceeding 3,5 tonnes maximum weight. The system is not suitable for route-planning!

** Vehicles are categorized according to the number of axles.

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Instructions for use

1. Type into the left hand side fields the address of the starting point and the destination of the route, or select them by clicking on the map.

2. According to need modify the route by transposing one intermediate point of the route or by adding new intermediate points. (The route can consist of max. 10 points.)

3. You can rearrange the intermediate points of the route at will by transposing the numbered icons on the left hand side or the starting points (A) and arriving points (B).

4. The program calculates how much toll you would pay by using easyTRACK OBU for the selected route, taking into consideration the selected category (number of axles), Euro-Code and the proposed route.

We point out that - although our homepage has been created with maximum care - the toll  calculated by using the program is for guiding purposes only. The actual toll which is fixed by the State Motorway Management Company Plc (ÁAK) may be different in some cases. T.E.L.L. Ltd disclaim all responsibilities for any (indirect, direct, economic or non-economic) loss or damage which may arise from the calculated toll or possibly wrong or inaccurate information.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the program is suitable for determination of toll to be paid for the selected route only, and it does not investigate whether any legal or traffic restrictions apply for the selected route or vehicle (e.g. total weight or height restriction, driving-in or driving-through prohibition, impassable roads or any other traffic restrictive circumstances).

The itenerary recommended by the program may deviate from the one proposed by the HU-GO Electronic Toll Collection System which may result in difference in the amount of calculated toll.

Please use the program by taking into consideration the above facts.